TURMERIC- Fad or Necessity?

Are you invested into your health?

Do you take a holistic approach to the way you live and the food you consume?

Well, if you are like me then you would have heard of the super food TURMERIC. The most common use for the yellow/orange root or powder is in curries. For centuries turmeric has been used in Chinese medicine because it has so many health benefits! I try and incorporate it into my diet regularly to make the most of it's advantages. There has been countless research conducted to establish why turmeric is beneficial for us to consume. I feel like there are so many products on the shelves at the moment marketing food with turmeric in it.

After researching myself on why this root from the ground is so powerful, I was surprised that it can do so much. As I have mentioned previously gut health is vital to maintain balance for our mind, body and spirit. If we don't look after our gut then we are asking for problems! ANTI-INFLAMMATORY. This is the biggest benefit I believe turmeric has to offer. It is very easy for our body to hold onto inflammation. Turmeric has been found to create a healthy environment in our stomach, microbiome then thrives and digestion is just one area that can improve. Disease prevention is also another benefit of turmeric; cancer, Alzheimers, Parkinsons and arthritis are some to list. Wounds can be dressed with turmeric because of its antibacterial properties. Not only is it antibacterial it is also full of what I like to call the 'anti's.' Antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant (full of vitamin C and E) are all characteristics of turmeric.

If turmeric is so beneficial for humans is it just as good for our horses?

I have seen a lot of products on the feed market with the little ingredients list including turmeric in it. So, it must be beneficial for the horses then, right? I wanted to find out more on what the benefits of turmeric are for horses and was surprised that there is actually little research. Yes, for us it has been scientifically proven that it has internal benefits ,but to give as a supplement for our horses I am now unsure about. One study found that supplementing turmeric will not harm your horse even in large quantities but the overall impact it had on the horse was minimal. Some people believe that by feeding turmeric their horses are benefiting from the root but is it just a placebo?

I am a big supporter of having horses on a diet that looks at them holistically. If that means feeding them herbs and natural resources then I will vouch for it, however, without scientific research and proof that it is actually doing anything for the horse, is it just a money waster?

If anyone has actual proof that it works and should be included in a horse's diet then comment on the bottom of this post as I would love to hear your experiences.

If it could be proven that giving horses turmeric as a supplement can be just as beneficial as a human consuming it then I will be converted into including it into a horse's diet.

Love Laura,


Journal of Equine Veterinary Science http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0737080617302423




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