Bowen Success Story!

Just wanted to post a quick success story on a horse that I have been treating with Bowen Therapy. For a few months I have been working with Bella, she is currently being trained for racing. When I first started treating this filly she was presented to me with a few muscular issues that needed fixing in order for her to perform her best in races. I have treated her regularly either weekly or fortnightly as part of her preparation for the races. In conjunction with her fitness she reached a stage where I was happy with how she was feeling on palpation. I gave her one final treatment before she was due to race the following week. As you can see from the photo she won, 3 lengths clear from second place. It is amazing to see that Bowen therapy can be used to enhance a horse's performance and allow them to perform at their full potential. Racing is only one discipline in the horse industry but is one that puts a lot of strain on the horse physically. Bowen therapy is a wonderful treatment that can be used on any horse for any discipline. I can not wait for more success stories like this one!

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