How I can help you and your horse....

This is a place for gaining information and knowledge of certain holistic practices.  I am not here speaking as a vet or medical professional.  I am only speaking off the qualification, training and experience I have had and using my knowledge to help those in need.  
Bowen Therapy 
Bowen therapy is an non-invasive therapy that works on the connective tissue called fascia.  Fascia surrounds nearly every structure in the horse's body.  When muscles are compromised the fascia becomes tight and dehydrated.  Pain or stiffness can then occur and the horse can appear lame or reactive in certain areas. Bowen therapy involves moves that work cross fiber over the muscle to encourage movement and re-hydration of the fascia.  Once treated the muscles that were tight can be released and the fascia is re-hydrated.  The muscles will then become supple and movement is increased.
Equine Myofascial Release Massage 
With every equine therapy there are similarities and differences that come with each.  Equine myofascial release therapy (EMRT) is similar to Bowen Therapy in the way that it can still target the horse's fascia. However, working with the fibers of the muscle rather than across fiber this therapy can not only be used to treat affected areas but also be simply given as a treat or for relaxation.   
My Services can relieve a long list of horse problems including: 
- Muscle tightness
- Rehabilitation
- Tendon/ligament injuries 
- Day-t0-day riding issues 
- Lymph drainage 
- Reluctancy to canter
- Lameness
- Cold or sore back
- Head shy or poll issues 
- Muscle wastage 
- Behavioural issues 
Areas that can be targeted:
- Nerves 
- Lymphatic system (great for detoxing and removing wastes from the body) 
- Superficial muscles 
- Deep Muscles 
- Tendons 
- Ligaments 
- Scar tissue
Service Fees 
Consultation: $80 per horse 
Two or more horses: $70 per horse
If serious always seek a professional such as a vet