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About Me

Your passions, your dreams, your aspirations can shape your life into the most fun filled, uplifting journey.

My journey began at the ripe old age of 4 when my gorgeous mother took me to my first horse riding lesson. I remember seeing old images of my mum riding back in her hay day, and itching to finally put my bum on top of one of these amazing creatures.  From that day on wards, I have definitely had my fair share of falls.  But hey isn't the saying 'the more falls the better the rider you are'?!

I believe that the responsibilities of owning and caring for a horse teaches you important life lessons that you will carry with you forever.  As all horse owners know; the horse must eat before you eat, they must be dry in the rain even if you're soaked through to your underwear and the horse must come first in any given situation.  PERIOD! 

So now a little about me.  I have been involved in owning, riding and caring for horses for more than 15 years.  Starting in pony club with my little 13hh pony Pheonix and then competing regularly at showjumping and eventing competitions.  As the horses got bigger so did my dreams and the racing industry came calling. During high school I began working as a stablehand.  This then progressed to riding trackwork.  Eventually following through to being the foreman for a well known racing stable in Victoria. I love all the challenges a thoroughbred can throw at you.  The harder the challenge the better!

While working with the racehorses I still owned my own off the track horses that I re-homed; teaching them the ropes of being an eventer.  This of course was all balanced with completing my Bachelor of Applied Science, majoring in Equine Science.  THE BEST THREE YEARS OF MY LIFE.  I will cherish every moment of university, I learnt more things about horses than I could have possibly imagined.   

How I became interested in holistic practices....

Personally I have been through a lot of self development and finding my own path on to wellness and happiness.  I have always been an active person.  Played many sports through high school and university.  Horse riding, touch football, rugby union, netball, surfing are a few of the main ones.   I love daily meditations and yoga followed by my love of Essential oils I became a wellness advocate of DOTERRA (give me a holla if your interested in oils) .  I use my oils literally everyday! Whether it is in food, on my skin or diffused in the air to breathe.

I began thinking about how I can relate all my passions for health and fitness to horses.  They deserve all the health benefits we can give them because at the end of the day they don't have much of a choice about competing in that ring, jumping that jump or running in that race. 

I furthered my knowledge from university by completing a Bowen Therapy certification as well as a certificate in Myofascial Release Massage. Being able to relieve a sore horse is the most rewarding thing, it gives me so much joy and excitement.  I then began to think if essential oils work for me then why couldn't they work for horses.  So not only do I love my oils, so do the horses!  

The word holistic means 'incorporating the concept of holism, or the idea that the whole is more than merely the sum of it's parts, in theory or practice.'

It is my goal to continue gaining knowledge of how to improve my life and a horses life through holistic practices and sharing my journey along the way. 

My passion in life is to help owners get their horses to an optimum health so they can perform at their best.  Whether it is for a competition or simply a pleasure horse getting ridden in the backyard my goal is to make the horse as happy and comfortable as possible!  When working with the horses I always use a holistic mind thinking about the whole picture to achieve the best outcome for the individual horse's needs.  For more horse health and wellness tips go over and check out my BLOG!   

Love Laura